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About us

We are a diverse group of (geeks) Telephony Professionals, with a deep passion for all aspects of Telephony (and Telecommunications) as a whole, including VoiP Telephony and SMS / Text / Voice messaging technology. As kids, we were always intrigued by the simple idea of being able to connect to the world over a single pair of wires!

We invite you to connect with us. Whether you're just asking us a question or dropping off some suggestions, we welcome your input and feedback! We've got lots of ideas churning in our tech-filled minds and are constantly brainstorming on new products, services, features and enhancements to make your daily Telephony tasks much more convenient and hassle free.

We take pride in offering smaller businesses access to the same traditionally expensive Telephony equipment (a Hosted VoIP Phone System / PBX for instance) and new cutting-edge technology (like our Cloud SMS / Text / Voice messaging) at affordable pricing!.

We have almost 2 decades of traditional Telephony (and Telecommunications) experience. We work hard at what we do, (lot's of burning the midnight oil!) because we understand that at the end of the day, you simply want whatever device your using to communicate with to just work.

Thank you for considering iPBeX for your Cloud Telephony needs.