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Grandstream GXP2200EXT

Grandstream GXP2200EXT

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Item GXP2200EXT
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Ships pre-configured for your Cloud PBX (for a plug and play setup).

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  • The Grandstream GXP2200EXT is an expansion module for the GXP2200 phone which feature a 128x384 graphics LCD, 20 quick-dial or BLF keys with dual-color LED, 2 navigation keys, and less than 1.2W power consumption per unit.

    Grandsstream GXP2200EXT Features

    • 128x384 graphics LCD
    • 620 quick-dial keys
    • BLF keys with dual-color LED
    • 2 navigation keys
    • Up to 4 GXP2200EXT for phoneE
    • Connect up to 4 GXP2200EXT modules which features a 128x384 graphic LCD, 20 quick-dial/BLF keys with dual color LED, 2 navigation keys and less than 1.2W power consumption per unit
    • Skype, Google Voice, Microsoft LYNC, Web browser, Adobe Flash, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, news, weather, stock, Internet radio, Pandora,, Yahoo Flickr, Photobucket, alarm clock, Google calendar, mobile phone data import/export via Bluetooth, etc. API/SDK available for advanced custom application development
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