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You can ask us anything. Just check our FAQs first as your question(s) may have already been answered.
  • What does "iPBeX" stand for?

  • What does "VoiP" stand for?

  • Do I need Internet access to use your service?

  • Equipment wise, what exactly would I need to purchase?

  • I have another office located across town. Will I need a separate Cloud PBX for that location?

  • What is e911 and how is it different from a regular 911 call?

  • How do you compare to other landline and VoIP services (like Verizon or Vonage)?

  • I'd like to avoid any installation charges. Can I setup the phones myself?

  • What happens if my Internet connection goes down?

  • How reliable is your VoiP Network and your Cloud PBXs?

  • Can I fully manage my Cloud PBX from the web portal?

  • I already have a few VoIP phones, can I use them with my Cloud PBX?