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Cloud Redundancy

Cloud Redundancy

Network Map - iPBeX Cloud Telephony

Natural disaster aware, global network.

Our Business VoIP Cloud was designed with full geographic redundancy in mind. By selecting key locations throughout the country to house our Telephony nodes, we can re-route traffic for VoIP calls (and Cloud SMS messages), at a moments notice. In the event a node or Network failure, your VoIP Phones will automatically re-attach itself to your Cloud PBX, on any other available node.

24/7 NOC-turnal monitoring.

Our VoIP Cloud is monitored round the clock (24/7) by a team of engineers at our NOC, utilizing various external monitoring nodes throughout the country. This monitoring scenario allows us to observe live traffic patterns into and out of our Network and make impromptu routing changes at the threshold of a faulty Network condition; like congestion, packet loss or jitter. Our monitoring tools can also detect and isolate Network issues originating from your local Internet connection. This helps us better troubleshoot any connection or VoIP quality related issues, while at the mercy of your Internet provider. ;)

Tech brief: VoIP Redundancy

At the VoIP Cloud end, we publish the DNS records of our SIP Proxies with extremely low TTL cache periods; keeping our active list of SIP Proxies current. The SIP Proxies constantly monitor the Media Nodes and Voice Gateways in our VoIP Cloud. Node outages are caught near instantly and are temporarily removed from the proxy's route lists; sending any subsequent requests to the remaining nodes.

At the VoIP Client end, VoIP Phones, like the Yealink T46G, are intelligent enough to automatically connect to a secondary SIP Proxy if the primary Proxy is unreachable. We configure the VoIP Phones to utilize a combination of short SIP Registration periods and periodic two-way Keepalive Packets to maintain connectivity to the VoIP Cloud.

There are many additional layers of redundancy that are implemented, such as our Multi Data Center Clustering and Multi Carrier Call Routing, but we'll spare you the nerdy details and save that for a Tech Blog post. ;)