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Managed Cloud - iPBeX Cloud Telephony

Let us manage your telephony.

We get it. You're busy organizing meetings, creating PowerPoint presentations, doing what needs to be done to manage your business. We're speculating the last task running across your mind is managing phone extensions, creating hunt / ring groups or editing an auto attendant / IVR menu on your Hosted VoIP / Business Phone System.

Enter iPBeX. All iPBeX Cloud / Hosted VoIP plans are fully managed. We'll completely configure your Cloud PBX and provision all your VoIP phones for a plug and play setup. We'll even assist with getting your Network ready for IP Telephony and advise on any on-site upgrades you may need to perform such as Network cabling, QOS based routers and POE based Ethernet switches. If access is provided, we can remotely configure your Networking equipment for optimal settings for a quality VoIP experience.

Yes, we're open.

Need to make a configuration change on your phone system or add an additional extension at 2am? Not a problem! Just open a support ticket or give us a call and we'll take care of it for you!

Prefer a hands on approach? Try our Cloud Portal.
Cloud Portal - iPBeX Cloud Telephony Voicemail Inbox - iPBeX Cloud Telephony SMS Conversation - iPBeX Cloud Telephony Send a Text Msg - iPBeX Cloud Telephony

Our Cloud Portal lets you manage most basic administrative tasks on your business phone system, conveniently from a desktop, laptop or mobile device. We'll create multiple Administrator and User privilege level accounts for your team, allowing restricted (or un-restricted) access to your Hosted PBX, Business SMS and Cloud Fax applications.

The Cloud User privilege level restricts access to assigned phone extensions, fax extensions, voicemail boxes, call recordings or SMS / Text numbers and more; while a Cloud Administrator has full access to your Cloud apps. Cloud users are also restricted from accessing any account billing information such as rate per call or account / payment history.
Current portal features:
  • View / Export system wide or extension based Call Log
  • Play / Download / Delete Voicemails
  • Reset Voicemail passwords
  • View / Download / Send Fax messages (with cover page)
  • Create Fax Contact Groups
  • Play / Download / Delete Call Recordings
  • Activate / Deactivate Call Forwarding
  • Activate / Deactivate DID Number Redirection
  • Block / Unblock Callers by Caller ID
  • Top up your account balance via MinutePaks
  • View / Compose / Delete SMS / Text Messages
  • Schedule SMS / Text Messages
  • Create SMS / Text Auto Responders
  • Create SMS Contact Groups
  • Send Group-based SMS messages
  • Check International call rates
  • View live account balance
  • View payment history and account invoices
  • Access Knowledgebase articles for our Cloud applications
We are currently working to add more advanced functionality to our Cloud Portal for our more tech savvy clients. As always, we welcome suggestions, feedback and feature requests, just contact us.